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3/4's: A Collection of 3-Sentence Stories
Ode to Algae and Other Limericks
One Alone
Divine Messages in my Alphabet Soup
An Apology to a Friend
Comparison of Sir Galahad to the Boy From "Araby"
The Battlefield
Of Battles Past
The Night Before Christmas in Bethune Residence
Blood on the Streets
Yet Another Boyfriend
The Minstrel of Camelot (unfinished)
Holden Caulfield As The Typical Teenager
The Cave
A Ride Through the Countryside
The Crimes of Other People
Freedom's Demise
A Different Kind of Love
"Doc Hollywood" and the Comic Vision
Desperation and a Donut Shop
A Knight Encounters a Dragon Upon a Hilltop
The Drug's Perspective
Effective Fantasy Writing
The Quest of the Great Emerald
End of an Era
The Endless Snow
Why People Shouldn't Write Essays
Fairy Stories Revisited
The World Seen Through a Fish Bowl
Fleeting Opportunities
Fugitive of Circumstance
Grandmother's Funeral
Guilt for the Dying
A Hallowe'en Birthday Poem
Holden of the 90's: A Modern Day Holden Caulfield from "Catcher in the Rye"
A Darkened Horizon
The Hypocritical Victim and Cause of Unrequited Love
Frederick Henry As An Ironic Hero
The Black Knight
Somebody Knocks
You'll Know It's Love
Lord Jim as a Tragic Hero
Students Launch "Save Thorna" Fundraiser
Love in Cyberspace
Love is a Lie
He Loves Me (Or He Loves Me Not)
Lady Macbeth: The Real Power Behind The Throne
The Magic's Gone
Marginalization of Students
Missing What I've Never Had
"Obasan" Essay: Naomi Lives in the Hyphen of Her Existence
Once Lovers
Desdemona as a Tragic Heroine
People, Cruelty and Pain
York's Latest Rights Deal to Bring in Revenue
Giving Myself Permission to Not Write
The Happy Hamster Pet Store
Suzanne's Top 24 Medieval Pick Up Lines
Possessing the Platinum Sword
Pieces of Poems
A Poet's Plea
The Poet's Way
Press Release: Amazing Technicolor Goldfish Re-Launches
Press Release:  Affiliate Resource Site Launches
The Two Princesses: Or, How to Trap Yourself a Husband, Medieval Style
Prophecy of Fate
Rez Story: The Great Flood of 1995
The Coming of the Saviors
Saxon "Unleash the Beast" Not on Satan's Stereo
A Glimpse of Scotland
A Shade Of Red
The Shadow
Shipyard Buildings Stolen
A Skeptic In King Arthur's Court
A Simple Swordsmith
Snippits from a Newsgroup Discussion on Tuition
Distant Star
Addict "Stones"
The Storm
Strangers on a Train
Thoughts on the Strike
In the Name of Survival
The Poet-Thief
Tough Times
Re: 20% tuition hike still a bargain
Unfinished Business
The Raven . . . er, Vulture
Waiting to Die
Forever Waiting
Lost: One Black Wallet
The Warrioress
On the State of the Washrooms
Wasted Nights
The Watcher
The Weed
Song of the Whipoorwill
With You
The Woodland Gang Save Their River
Different Worlds
My Writing Story
The Fountain of Youth

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