The Fountain of Youth

An elderly woman begins using a product called "Fountain of Youth" to make herself feel young again. She finds herself full of energy, and able to participate in the activities of her grandchildren. However, one day a television news program reveals the shocking truth about her miracle cure. Can she find her own fountain of youth?

statue-fountain.jpg (11711 bytes)Margaret shuffled down the aisle of the drugstore. She moved slowly, using the shelves for support. She passed by the hair coloring with hardly a glance - she was old, so her hair should be white, or so she thought. As she moved along, her eyes scanned the shelves.

"Now, where is that arthritis creme?" she asked herself.

The two other customers in the aisle looked at her with understanding. Old people talk to themselves a lot, of course.

Margaret continued forward. Toothpaste, soap, asprin - arthritis creme!

She reached out to get the creme. She happened to glance at the back of the shelf. A bright yellow and green box caught her attention. She stretched out her hand and grabbed it. The label said "New! Fountain of Youth."

"Fountain of Youth?" she thought. She looked more closely at the box. It said:

Feeling old? Want to be young again? If so, then new FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH is for you. Just drink two tablespoons of FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH every morning, and you will feel young again. Now you have found your FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH! Only $22.99.

"This is just what I have been looking for," she thought. "I can be young again!"

Margaret ignored the arthritis creme, and instead took the Fountain of Youth to the checkout counter.

"That will be $26.44 with tax," said the cashier.

Margaret cleared her purse of all her money. After paying for the Fountain of Youth, she had eighty-three cents left.

June 1993



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