My Writing Story

parchment.jpg (13671 bytes)I was always the "smart one" in school, back when it was not cool to be smart. Other than that, I did not seem to have any particular talent: some kids were the athletes, some were the artists, and some were the musicians. It was in grade two that I discovered my talent: writing. All the kids in our class had written stories, which were marked by the teacher and given back. Most of the other kids had "good" or something similar written on their pages in red ink. However, my teacher singled me out with verbal praise. I cannot remember any details of what she said, but I do remember that she kept saying how good my story was. It was so good, in fact, that she sent me next door to read my story to the grade three teacher. I went next door and shyly did as my teacher had asked. The grade three teacher was so impressed with my story that she sent me to read it to the vice principal. While none of the other kids in my class had received any special praise, I found myself and my story the center of attention. I was special that day, important, and I knew that I had a talent I could be proud of. In later years, I discovered that, through my writing, I could express thoughts that my shy personality would not allow me to do verbally. Through my writing, I could make my presence known to the world.




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