sundial-space.jpg (11466 bytes)The clock ticks monotonously as I live my life.
I am ever conscious of time, slipping by as I try ever harder to get everything done.
Each morning I wake early, reluctantly, and rush to class.
Each evening I rush to do homework, assignments, essays . . .
And I never seem to get it all done.
I stay up late, working to get an assignment done that is due the next day.
I wake early the next day, exhausted, and stumble to class sleepy-eyed to hand in the assignment.
And all day I think, "I just want to go to sleep,"
But that night, I stay up late doing another assignment.
I wake up one morning, exhausted and sick, unable to move.
As I lay there, I am conscious of the ticking clock,
And all the time that is being wasted while I am in bed:
I have so much to get done!
But I will never get it done, for I die:
I have wasted my time.

Fall 1995



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