Strangers on a Train

subway trainMy car broke down and so I took the train today.
Packed into the bustling crowd of people moving on,
Tired of working, slumping down into a seat,
Eyes downcast, I tried not to look around
At the strangers on a train.

Speeding West, heading back to my lonely home,
Just as it was every day before.
I pushed my way out the door, and caught a flash of light -
I didn't bother to turn and look
At some stranger on a train.

But when I failed to turn around, had I missed something important?
Someone that I should have really met.
Had I missed the one when I hurried away?
Had I exchanged my chance for love
With just strangers on a train?

And if I take the train again,
Will I just see strangers on a train?

May, 2007



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