A Poet's Plea

Open BookMore rejection from the world.
Don't you see?  Can't you hear my plea?
I want to share my life with you.
I have it all here, in the pages of my notebook.
I want you to live my life,
Feel my pain, the tears upon your face,
Feel my joy, my heart bursting with laughter inside of you.
I am offering you all that I have.
I want you to see what lies deep within my heart,
Deep within the dark recesses of my mind.
You should feel privileged that I would share myself with you.
Can you hear me?
Please, I want you to read my life,
Please, I want you to love what I have given you.
My soul is laid bare before the world.
Everything is there, from my brightest pride to my darkest secrets,
Everything . . .
Nobody cares to look upon it.
Why?  I am not to know.
They may love me, they may hate me,
But how can they tell if they do not look at me?

Spring 1998



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