Pieces of Poems

mini-books.jpg (13687 bytes)Oh! To be an element
On the left side of the table!
I would always lose electrons
Whenever I was able.

Jingle bells, the bathroom smells,
Has it been cleaned today?
Oh what fun it is to stick to the kitchen floor today, hey!
Jingle bells, the bathroom smells,
Please clean it today!
Cause I don't know just what I'll do
If it's like this one more day.

One cannot fight hate with hate . . .
To conquer hate, one needs to love:
For only love can turn hatred towards itself,
And hatred will be consumed by the horror it sees.

The setting of the sun brings the waning of the day;
The waning of the day brings the night;
The night brings the demons, who all come out to play;
And the child can only pray for the light.

Thou art greater in magnitude than the stars
As seen through the telescope that is my soul.

If my love were a ship it would be tempest toss'd,
Unknowing if I love in vain.

That voice!
The voice that invades my senses
And echoes through my consciousness.
The voice of an angel - Gabriel?
Nay, the voice of a mortal
But one such as I had never heard.

And suddenly
The clouds parted to show the sun
And you stood before me
Like some technicolor dream -
You are the one
Who means everything to me.

The tears of a thousand poets well up inside of me
And threaten to wash away these unworthy lines.

O cruelest emotion -
Love, thy bitter draught
Hast poisoned my heart.

The valkyries wail
As dawn pierces the darkness.


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