You'll Know It's Love

pair-of-doves.jpg (8963 bytes)When you go to sleep thinking about him,
You know it's love.
When you spend the night dreaming about him,
You know it's love.
When you awake wishing you were beside him,
You know it's love.
And when you find that you can't live without him,
You're sure it's love.

When you seek him out any way you can,
When you choose him above any other man,
When you find yourself cherishing silly mementos,
When the only rhyming word you can think of is pimentos,
You believe it's love.

When you hang on
When the love stays strong
Through the years
Through nights of tears
Even though you'll always live without him
It's surely love.

When gazing at the stars reminds you of him-
When every poem you write is about him-
Even when logic tells you to forget him-
It IS love.

April 16, 1997



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