Somebody Knocks

old-door-with-eyes.jpg (13198 bytes)He knocked on the door, the wood making a hollow sound. From within, he could hear the sound of a television, "The Price is Right" floating faintly to his ears. He heard buzzing, of some appliance he could not identify. He then heard the sound of a woman's voice. As he listened, he could tell that it was a one-sided conversation: she was on the telephone. He knocked again, louder, and listened. From beyond the door he heard what sounded like, " . . . oh, it's just someone at the door, probably a salesman or the Jehovah's Witnesses . . ." He sighed and knocked again, giving her one last chance. Nobody came to the door. He took a pen and paper from his jacket pocket and wrote:

I was here, but nobody would answer the door. I would just like you to know that I will not be back again. Signed, Opportunity.

He folded the paper, slipped it into the mail slot, and continued to the next house.

Spring 1998



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