english cottageAcross the barren desert
In the shining heat
A hazy vision appears before my eyes
Of a little thatched cottage surrounded by pines
And you in the doorway with your shining eyes.

And in the sparkling snow of the highest peaks
In the soft footprints of the gentlest doe
With the echoes of nature swirling around my ears
My mind can only think of you.

In the firelight of the richest halls
With the strumming of the minstrels tugging at my tears
And the laughter of a hundred friends and traveling companions
I can only think of home.

And as I see the wonders of the world -
The alabaster castles -
The golden dragons of fire -
The haunting song of the river nymphs -
Nothing compares to home.

Soon, when my quest is through -
I will come home.


January 2006



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