A Hallowe'en Birthday Poem

halloween-decorations.jpg (12961 bytes)Once upon a time
It was a dark and stormy night
Tho' Hallowe'en was past
There came an awful fright.

It was November 4th
In the early eve
When the scary creature
Ended her reprieve.

Over the years she grew,
And increased her power,
Only to release it
At one fateful hour:

November 2 it was,
A dark and stormy day,
5 friends had been invited
To celebrate her birthday.

She served out the cake
One piece laced with poison
The cake looked just delicious
So everyone dug right in.

One friend started to choke,
Her face contorted with pain -
With one last gasp she collapsed,
Never to stand again.

The Scorpion stood above her
And laughed an evil laugh
And for all to hear she cried:
"That's what you get for writing a Halloween poem about me, Suzanne!"

Happy Hallowe'en birthday, Heather!

October 21, 1996



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