The World Seen Through a Fish Bowl

goldfish-bowl.jpg (7512 bytes)Why does she treat me this way?
She feeds me twice a day for five days,
Then lets me starve for two.
In fact, for those two days, I do not see her at all.
And, she chases me with a net,
Forcing me into it,
And then plunks me into a margarine container for ten minutes.
Then, she chases me with that stupid net again,
And plunks me back into my bowl,
And the temperature is always different than when I left!
She always scares me by reaching her arm over my bowl
To turn on the stereo
(And makes me listen to Def Leppard!
What about Hootie and the Blowfish?
Or the Beach Boys?)
Why is she so mean?

But, wait, I see something . . .
It is her face,
Looking in at me.
And her eyes . . .
I see something in her eyes . . .
It looks as if she really does care about me!
Maybe there is a reason she disappears for two days.
Wait . . . when I return to my bowl,
From the margarine container,
It is always much cleaner . . .
All those things she does are for my benefit!
(Maybe she thinks I like Def Leppard?)
I should stop flaring my gills at her when she comes over to see me . . .
Naah, it's too much fun!

January 28, 1996




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