Fairy Stories Revisited

unicorn.jpg (12530 bytes)I have seen the fairy-rings
I have heard the elf that sings
I have seen the dragon soar
I have seen the battle's gore.
I have been to halls of kings
I have seen the magic rings.
I have been to fairy lands
Through yarns spun by a minstrel's hands.
I have traveled far and wide
With a gallant knight close at my side.
All of this in childhood's time-
The memories painted in my mind.

But these times are left behind
As worries occupy my mind
Working hard for material things-
Not sugar and spice and fairy wings.
But, as I carry out my day,
The fairy stories aren't far away . . .

For am I not like the gallant knight?
Struggling on, with all my might,
Against the obstacles of today
Which bare their fangs in a hideous way
And strive to tear me thus apart-
I must face them with strength in my heart.
I will conquer, that I know
And, with that done, thus I go
To spend a little purchased time
In the fairy lands within my mind.

March 1, 1997 (start date)



Wicks End

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