The Minstrel of Camelot (unfinished)

lute-player.jpg (11671 bytes)A silence fell upon the hall
  As the minstrel tuned his lyre
The feast was through, the embers
  Burning low within the fire.

"I will tell a tale," he said,
  His voice rang loud and clear
And then he whispered quietly
  So all strained to hear:

"A tale of heroes and battles,
   This tale I will sing:
Of a forging of a kingdom
  And the crowning of a king.

"I will sing a tune
  Of Camelot, fair Camelot,
I will play this tune upon my lyre.

"A babe was born in England,
  A babe of noble birth,
One who would bring peace
  To those upon this Earth.

. . .

And the minstrel played a tune
  Of Camelot, fair Camelot.
The minstrel strummed the tune upon his Lyre.

Various dates


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