Yet Another Boyfriend

flower-vase.jpg (6933 bytes)I wouldn't choose him for myself,
I wouldn't choose him for you.
But, you're my friend, it's your life,
You do what you want to do.

You go and ask me for advice
I shake my head each time-
I can't answer logically:
I can't see inside your mind.

I'm not sure it's really love
Though you say it's true.
If it is, then go ahead,
And do what's best for you.

But I have seen so many times
You make your bad mistake:
Every time you say it's love
It only ends in heartbreak.

Every single time this happens
I don't know what I can do.
I would help you if I could because
I want the best for you.

April 16, 1997



Summer Style

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