Blood on the Streets

moon over the cityIn this violent city we tend to ignore -
Another shooting, another violent stabbing.
In another neighbourhood, strangers die.

Then the flash of a knife on Queen street.
The moonlight illuminates and a passive crowd watches
As a life bleeds out onto the street.

Strangers are killing strangers in this cold, cruel city,
And as a life flashes across the t.v. screen,
A chilled nation watches.

His was a life that touched mine briefly,
But I know it was a good life.
A good man who didn't deserve to die this way -
Attacked in the city night by wasted lives.

I want to leave this ugly city,
Run away home where nobody dies walking the streets,
And leave the senseless violence behind forever.

I'm thinking of him as he lies cold and fading,
And my heart cries of the tragedy of it all.

August 2007



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