One Alone

pair-parrotlets.jpg (10386 bytes)I hear the muffled sounds of laughter echo through the night;
I try to block them from my mind as I turn out my light.
In the next room, and the next, there the lovers play,
And yet here I am alone, and alone I stay.
I cannot help but feel I am the only one
Who must be unpaired, and miss all the fun.
Everywhere I travel, the lovers I do see,
And I feel a pang of sadness, and of jealousy.
Why am I waiting? For something higher, that has not happened yet-
Should I settle for something less, or wait for one unmet?
Here I wait for true love, but I am unsure
If it is something that exists, or just a poetic lure.
So I am here waiting for a sign sent from above-
Waiting impatiently, lonely, for my one True Love.

Jaunuary 19, 1997



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