Ode to Algae and Other Limericks

algae-rock.jpg (14654 bytes)I had some pet algae in my pool-
My friends said I was a fool!
Their fish all died-
My algae's still alive-
NOW who is the fool?

There once was an element named France
Who seemed to have ants in her pants
She'd give her electron
To any who came along
Just to have a full valence.

There once was a girl named Heather
Whose weight was as light as a feather
It got windy one day
The wind blew her away
For she wasn't tied down with a tether.

There once was a girl named Suzanne
Who got a letter from Ed McMahon
It said, "You are in luck!
You just won a buck!
But first you have to buy a Ram Van."

There once was a girl named Suzanne
Who never liked using Saran
It never did stick
At least not very quick
So she mailed it on back to Japan.


Fall 1996 (start date)




Propterty of Suzanne P. Currie. Updated July 02, 2007 12:57 AM -0400.