Press Release:  Amazing Technicolor Goldfish Re-Launches

Toronto, Canada - The Amazing Technicolor Goldfish, a popular poetry and fiction web site, has recently re-launched after a four-year hiatus.

The site was created in 1995 by university student Suzanne Currie to showcase her poems, short stories, essay, articles, and other works.  Since then, thousands of visitors have explored almost 100 pieces of writing on the site, and The Amazing Technicolor Goldfish reached an impressive Alexa ranking of 100,000 on its host server, Geocities.

Trouble struck in 2000 when Ms. Currie lost access to the site and was no longer able to make updates and add new content.   Although visitors could still read the content, they expressed through email and guestbook entries their desire to see new writing.   In August, 2004, with the help of the Geocities staff, Ms. Currie finally regained access to the Amazing Technicolor Goldfish.  With repaired links and new content, the site recently re-launched on its new domain,

But what makes The Amazing Technicolor Goldfish such a popular destination for internet surfers?  Says Currie, “People relate to my writing – I talk about unrequited love, death of a loved one, difficulties with school - emotional things that almost everyone has gone through.  Another draw is the number of fantasy stories and poems on my site.  The genre has gained popularity with the release of The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter movies.”

Ms. Currie, also webmaster of, does advertise The Amazing Technicolor Goldfish in search engines and other sites, but says most of her traffic comes through word-of-mouth.  “I can look up my Geocities URL in a search engine and see site after site I have never heard of, from larger sites to personal home pages, who have linked to The Amazing Technicolor Goldfish.  It really is a boost to the self esteem.”

The Amazing Technicolor Goldfish continues to attract visitors to its new domain.  You can contact the webmaster at [email protected] or visit the site at

October 18, 2004



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